Come join the picket to stop ableism, discrimination & outsourcing by the world’s richest university! Meet at the Smith Campus Center, next to Au Bon Pain, 1350 Mass Ave, Cambridge.

Campus workers’ stories:

Paul was told he’d be terminated for “lack of work,” just a few weeks after he returned to his busy job, having had surgery. Patricia came back from a 6 month disability leave and was immediately slapped with a “performance improvement plan;” soon after she received a disciplinary warning. Nassim was terminated by a manager who said his English wasn’t good enough to do the job he’d performed brilliantly for years.

Library Tech Services workers are seeing their tasks outsourced to vendors. 10 library doorchecker positions have been lost due to outsourcing. Security guards in the libraries have seen their hours slashed. Harvard Prez Drew Faust rakes in the bucks on Staples’ Board of Directors, while postal jobs at a living wage are outsourced to Staples employees who earn poverty pay — and Faust says nothing critical about this! This picket also supports the 8 pm action by UNITE HERE for a good contract and against health care cost increases. With over $42 billion in cash & investments, Harvard doesn’t need to degrade anyone’s health benefits, but is pressing all the campus unions to agree to cuts!


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2015 Round River Rendevous , Green Mountain EF! Vermont, July 1-8


The 2015 Round River Rendevous will be hosted by Green Mountain EF! in Vermont, July 1-8.

The Round River Rendezvous is the annual summer gathering of Earth First!, usually held on or around the first week of July. Each Summer, this week-long camp-out attracts several hundred Earth First!ers from around the world. The gathering is coordinated by a volunteer committee and includes workshops, skill-shares, discussions, presentations story telling, campfire music and a rally with performers and speakers.

In addition bioregional rendezvous are occasionally held throughout the year. Announced in the Earth First! Journal, these gatherings are particularly important for developing a cohesive activist network and planning actions on a local level.

EF! activists in North America also get together in February for the EF! Organizers’ Conference. This allows EF!ers to converge and strategize about upcoming campaigns, actions and events.

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FairPoint Strike Finally Comes To An End


By John Kalwaic

From Oct. 17, 2014 to Feb. 19, 2015, workers at FairPoint Communications Inc. in Maine, Vermont and New Hamp-shire went on strike against restructuring policies and cuts to retirement benefits.The FairPoint strike was one of the longest strikes in the United States in recent years. The workers at the telecommunications company are organized with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Communications Workers of America (CWA). The strike involved the contracts of approximately 1,800 employees. The company claimed that the cuts and restructuring were necessary to make the company more competitive, while the unions said that this move would squeeze the workers and the only benefits would go to Wall Street. The company also had plans to downsize their workforce and move many of their facilities out of the New England area. After workers walked out on Oct. 17, picket lines began to form around FairPoint workplaces in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Many customers of the telecommunications company complained about the phone and internet service declining in quality. After the strike continued for months, the public utilities company got more than 200 calls about phone and internet services not working or being fixed because of the strike. Things got pretty heated on the picket line on Dec. 2 in Keene, N.H. when a replacement worker named Charles Hunter tried to run over picketers with his car. The man was then arrested. The strike continued to drag on, as neither side was willing to budge. On Dec. 5 the company urged the workers to stop the strike as it had dragged on for months, but the workers and unions refused to cave. On Dec. 30 the National Labor Relations Board ruled against the unions’ claim that FairPoint was not bargaining in good faith. Despite this setback, the strike continued for another two months. The unions and the company finally came to an agreement in late February 2015; the agreement won the workers some concessions from the company. The company agreed not to lay off workers or outsource jobs to other non-union areas of the country, but at the same time forced the workers to pay more for retirement. The strike was long and the workers braved the cold New England weather to picket, which at some points got very confrontational with scabs crossing the picket line. In the end the workers did not win a whole lot, but it could have been much worse.
With Files from the Burlington Free Press, http://www.pressherald.com,http://www.Vt digger.org,WMUR 9 ABC,Concord Monitor and the Fierce

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Boston Mayday 2015!



Every year since 2006, the Boston May Day Committee has organized an action in downtown Boston on May 1st to stand in solidarity with workers everywhere and to continue the struggle for a better world. Committee members include the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the ANSWER Coalition, Massachusetts Global Action (MGA), Socialist Alternative (SA), the Downtown Workers Center (DWC).

please join us on may 1!

For more info: email info@bostonmayday.org or call 888-400-1225

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Rally Against Discrimination at Harvard on March 31

Originally posted on IWW @ Harvard - "Fighting For All Workers":

On March 31, scores of workers and students rallied in support of fired HU employees Nassim Kerkache, Paul Casey and Judy Davis. We picketed, chanted and spoke out, directly outside Pres Drew Faust’s office. Near the end of the event we delivered a letter to Faust demanding justice for Nassim, Paul and Judy. The letter also said she should either publicly come out against the plot to outsource union postal jobs to low-wage employer Staples, Inc, or resign from Staples’ Board of Directors. Faust is the first sitting President of Harvard to rake in more bucks by serving on a corporate board.

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paul casey

On Tuesday, March 31, starting at 5 pm, workers, students and allies will
picket to get justice for survivors of employment discrimination by the
world’s richest university. Please join us in Harvard Yard at Massachusetts
Hall, steps from the Harvard Sq T stop in Cambridge

We’ll expose three specific cases of workplace discrimination:

*Judy Rouse: *an active UNITE HERE shop steward, Judy worked in a dining
hall where managers called workers of color derogatory names. Judy was
written up for her union activity and even assaulted by a manager. When she
called the HUPD* to report the assault, Judy herself was terminated, and
slapped with a no-trespass order in a flagrant abuse of police power.

*Nassim Kerkache*: famous for his dedication on the job, Nassim became a union rep in HUCTW**, and stood up to a boss who made racist comments about him & his co-workers. Nassim’s reward was to have the boss tell him to pick between being laid off or demoted three salary grades! Denied promotion in favor of a less-qualified, US-born colleague (who made efforts to help management sweep sexual harassment under the rug), Nassim was fired after he took a disability leave.

*Paul Casey*: employed for 30+ years, Paul was targeted by an administrator
who perceived him as disabled and tried to get him to quit. After taking an
approved leave to have his hip replaced, Paul pushed himself to return to
his busy job. He came back to work only to be told a few weeks later that
he would be laid off due to “lack of work.” His job duties were simply
assigned to co-workers.

*PHONE/EMAIL ZAP:* Please call or email William Murphy, Harvard’s Director
of Labor Relations, any time at 617 496-9193, bill_murphy@harvard.edu.
Suggested message, “I am appalled by convincing narratives of
discrimination against terminated employees Judy Rouse, Nassim Kerkache and
Paul Casey. I call on you to use all your influence to see that their cases
are promptly resolved! Failure to do so will invite further consequences.”

For more information about workplace discrimination at Harvard, please
visit twoharvards.wordpress.com.

*Harvard University Police Department
**Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers

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