Boston Industrial Workers of the World monthly meeting!


hey Fellow Workers!

on Sunday December 14, 2pm the Boston Industrial Workers of the World will
have our monthly meeting! please join us! The IWW is a member-run union
for all workers, a union dedicated to organizing on the job, in our
industries and in our communities. IWW members are organizing to win
better conditions today and build a world with economic democracy
tomorrow. Local IWW’s (also known as Wobblies) are actively engaged in
solidarity campaigns, supporting other workers in struggle like Boston’s
embattled school bus drivers! We are training Wobbly organizers and
building our capacity to launch more IWW union drives, concentrating on
super-exploited service sector workers. All members of the working class
(including the unemployed and those who labor unpaid at home) are eligible
to join the IWW. If you’re sick of inequality, workplace injustice and an
inhumane, profit-driven economic system, come check out the One Big Union!
We meet at Encuentro 5, 9a Hamilton Place, steps from the Park
St. T and two blocks from Downtown Crossing.

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Solidarity In Hong Kong, Brazil And Spain


By Florian H., William B., J. Pierce, and Anders M. of the International Solidarity Commission (ISC)

To support the protests in Hong Kong the ISC signed the petition of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) demanding an end to the violence against the protesters. The struggle continues in the financial district of Hong Kong.
On the other side of the world we grieve for Didi together with our dear fellow workers in Brazil:The Industrial Workers of the World wish to express our solidarity with Central Sindical e Popular (CSP Conlutas- Brasil) in sorrow at the death of Dirceu “Didi” Travesso. He was a labor leader of international renown and was especially known for his labor activities in Sao Paulo. He will be sorely missed.
In Madrid several unions within the Red & Black Coordination met recently and the ISC sent a warm “Hello” to the syndicalists:The International Solidarity Commission (ISC) sends to all our comrades and fellow workers here a warm greeting on behalf of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The IWW is proud to be a close friend and supporter of the Red & Black Coordination and our hopes are that this body will grow powerful and ambitious.At the present moment, the criminals in many of our countries are focused on stealing their lucre from the budgets of public services. They rewrite the laws to swindle the sanitation workers, utility workers, and office employees out of their wages, benefits, and pensions. They cripple the public schools and government hospitals in order to create customers for private, for profit schools and hospitals. They “reform” the patrimony of a people to dispossess them of their land and their nationalized industries. Apart from government, they’re focused on increasing consumer debt and raising prices while lowering expectations and living standards to the absolute minimum. The slave masters have been so busy, so focused on their financial schemes, that they have not noticed the new society being built around them.
When they finally look up and see this new world, they will not be able to comprehend it. Their slaves will have combined and pushed them aside (if they are lucky). Their money changing and numbers games will have collapsed. Their control over armies, industries, and institutions will have faded. And everywhere in the streets, in town squares, from the tops of tall buildings, in front yards and aloft on balconies, plastered to factory, facility, and university gates they will behold the Red and Black banner…

The IWW wishes you all a productive and fun conference and looks forward to gluing ourselves tighter to the Red & Black Coordination and all of our revolutionary sister unions for the many battles ahead. Solidarity Forever!

Email the ISC at

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Oklahoma IWW Stands in Solidarity with Students #YesAllDaughters

Students at Norman High School in Norman, Oklahoma walkedout of their classes at 9:20 A.M. on Monday, November 24th, 2014 greeted by hundreds of activists and supporters boldly standing with them in solidarity. Why?

Throughout the semester, an 18-year-old senior at the school raped three female students, publicized the rapes and humiliated the survivors. These girls were met with bullying and harassment, one being forced to leave the school because of constant hazing; another was not even able to enter the school before being violently confronted by the rapist’s friends. Another retaliated when being harassed and was asked to leave the school for the remainder of the year until things “blow over.” The administration punished the survivor for self-defense and has done nothing to address rape, sexual assault and harassment in their school community.

A brave group of students, supporters, and friends of the survivors decided to take action against this injustice. Three weeks ago, meeting in coffeehouses and in supporter’s homes, a core group of organizers brainstormed what they could do to force the administration to address this problem. Through cooperation with local activists and media, the #YesAllDaughters campaign was born, garnering almost 5,000 likes in two weeks, bringing media attention to the issue (including a publishing in Jezebel) and rallying hundreds of students and supporters to stand outside the school next Monday morning.

As a union committed to the abolition of patriarchy and all forms of exploitation, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) stands with these students in solidarity and will be represented at the walkout. Christophe Parsons, a delegate for the Oklahoma IWW, was part of the core group of organizers. Parsons said, “Both as a friend of the survivor and as a revolutionary unionist committed to building a new world, inaction was not an option. I am proud of my fellow students and community supporters who have rallied around these girls, and I am proud of my union, which has showed incredible solidarity and support in organizing this event.”

“Anyone who denies the role that patriarchy plays in oppression, anyone who will not practice gender equity and feminism is not a revolutionary. The Oklahoma IWW will not stand silent in the face of such a blatant injustice in our community against our young people,” said Parsons.

The Oklahoma IWW echoes the cries of the student-activists and stands alongside them in their struggle and the struggle of all victims of patriarchy. #YesAllDaughters

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IWW Greece Solidarity With Prisoner On Hunger Strike


On Nov. 10, 2014, anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos began a hunger strike laying claim to educational passes from prison so he could take classes in the university in which he had enrolled.

His application to the Prison Council, formed by attorney general Nikolaos Poimenidis, headmistress Charalambia Koutsomichali as well as a social worker, still remain unanswered. The appealing interrogator Eftichis Nikolopoulos, who has been claiming not to be tasked with this matter, has sent a document to the council reporting that Romanos’ application for educational passes from prison has been denied.

Iraklis Kwstaris began his own hunger strike on Oct. 29 for educational passes from prison to take classes at the university TEI of Piraeus. He is receiving the same denying documents from the council.

IWW Greece completely supports the hunger strikers and denounces the infringement of their legal rights. In solidarity we ask the council to give all educational passes from prison to Nikos Romanos and Iraklis Kwstaris immediately.

We hold the Prison Council responsible for every day of the hunger strike and for whatever happens from now on.

Support Nikos Romanos by signing the petition:

IWW Greece
IU 620 Educational Workers
IU 610 Health Workers

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IWW Organizer Colin complained of homophobic slurs, sexual harassment of a co-worker, and denial of break time by an Insomnia Cookies manager.* The next day he was confronted by the boss, who asked “So it’s a problem for you when I say the word f*gg*t?” and told him to quit if he didn’t like the conditions. Colin was later fired on flimsy pretexts. No action was taken by the company against the manager. Join IWW’s as we picket to demand Colin be reinstated with full back-pay! We’ll gather at Insomnia’s Boston location, 708 Commonwealth Ave, on Friday November 14 at 8 pm.

*This is the email protest originally sent by Colin to Insomnia’s Regional Manager:

Dear Patrick,

I work at the Harvard location of Insomnia and am appalled by Josh’s behavior. He pops handfuls of vicodin where employees and customers can see and boasts his usage. This has led to very inappropiate comments which are VERY innapropiate for work. These comments are as follow’s:

If a driver is listening to to headphones and cannot hear he’ll say “You’re gay” or “dont speak if your the gayest man in the world” as that is a joke and looks to the others to laugh.

He said once “When your not sucking dick 90% of the time you’re swallowing loads”

Last wendsday when I came in at 6pm, he spent 20 minutes talking about rectal examinations of chickens to inspect eggs and called billy (a driver there) a “chicken fucker” I then noticed two orders that were due at 5:30pm. He then interrogated jahnay as to why they were late.

He told a female worker to “pretend you’re flirting with the customer”

He is also threatining to fire everyone and trying to instill fear in everyone and has denied me a 30min unpaid break when I work for 9 HOURS. NINE HOURS.

I wish to be kept anonymous so as to not face retaliation, but also want Insomnia to be a good workplace that is not hostile or homophobic.

Thank You,


Colin pickets Insomnia with Fellow IWW’s and members of Harvard’s Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM) and the Harvard Union of Clerical & Technical Workers, and other allies.

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Boston Wobs Help Organize 2 Events in 1 Night

On Thursday October 23, IWW’s helped organize a worker panel at Harvard University where former employees of Harvard’s Science Center discussed their experiences with discrimination at the world’s richest University. Speakers included Nassim, demoted three salary grades after defending a co-worker, Johany, who was sexually harassed on the job and then disciplined for reporting it. Nassim was later passed over for promotion in favor of a much-younger, US-born co-worker with far less experience. Harvard fired Nassim when he was out on a disability leave. Other speakers included Marvin, called “that dirty black man” by an Administrator in Campus Services, Betsy Shortell, who later cut his hours and spread them over 6 days. No one else in the department had a 6 day per week schedule or sustained any cut in hours, although Marvin was the only employee who used braces to walk (Marvin suffers from diabetic foot disease). Like Nassim, Marvin was later fired from his job when he went out on medical leave. Another speaker, Paul, was also laid off from his job after 30+ years of service because he had to take a disability leave. Students also read testimonials by workers, including Johany’s account of being referred to as an “embarrassing Latina,” also by Shortell, and slapped with a disciplinary warning merely for complaining that a co-worker was repeatedly grabbing her, and attempting to kiss her when she was at work (Johany had the discipline removed from her file, won additional sick pay, and was promoted as the result of a settlement at the MA Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD).

panel2 panel3 panel4 panel5 panel6 panel7 panel8 panel9

During the event, attendees conducted a phone/email zap of Harvard’s Labor Relations Department, protesting the discriminatory treatment of these long-serving employees. Immediately afterwards, participants delivered a letter to Insomnia Cookies right down the block, demanding reinstatement of fired IWW Organizer Colin, and that Insomnia stop preventing workers from taking legally-mandated breaks, and cease misclassifying them as “independent contractors.” The letter was delivered by a group of supporters including Wobblies and members of Harvard’s Student Labor Action Movement, AFSCME Local 3650, SEIU Local 615, and UNITE HERE Local 26.


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IWW’s and our allies will demonstrate against Insomnia Cookies’ recent termination of a union organizer who fought back against gay-bashing, harassment and illegal denial of breaks. You’re invited to our picket!

BACKGROUND: Since August 2013, Insomnia Cookies has fired 6 IWW worker-activists. The latest, Colin, a trained union organizer, was terminated after protesting disgusting homophobic slurs by a manager. Colin alerted upper management that the boss was making sick “jokes” about LGBTQ people, and had even told a young worker that she should flirt with customers!* Colin was working to build the union in his store, fighting the company’s practice of denying workers legally-mandated breaks, and insisting on an environment free from verbal abuse. His reward was termination. Please help us send the message that union-busting, sexual harassment and homophobia in the workplace are intolerable!

*Three days after Colin’s protest, which he told company officials he wished to make confidentially, the sexist, homophobic manager confronted Colin and grilled him about his complaint, asking, “So you find it offensive when I use the word f**got?” and encouraging him to “Quit if you don’t like it.” The company took no action against the boss in response to Colin’s complaint. The same manager also interrogated Colin about his IWW affiliation, demanding to know if he was a “mole” for the union.

Questions email

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