To Change Everything: Anarchism and the New Social Movements


September 14 6:30 @ E5 9A Hamilton Pl, Boston, Ma

To Change Everything: Anarchism and the New Social Movements
An International Panel Discussion

This panel brings together organizers from Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and North America to discuss the significance of anarchist ideas and tactics in the 21st century.

The participants will compare experiences from the wave of protests and uprisings that has swept the world since 2010—exploring the role of demand-based politics in both catalyzing and limiting movements, examining a variety of forms of repression, and critically evaluating experiments with direct democracy. They will conclude by assessing the prospects of contemporary struggles for self-determination in an era of globalized capitalism and state control.

All of the presenters are contributors to a recent outreach and dialogue project, To Change Everything, which appeared earlier this year in over twenty languages:

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¿Qué hace el IWW?


¿Qué hace el IWW?

Escrito por: Nate Hawthorne

Se llega a ser miembro de el IWW de dos maneras. Algunas personas se afilian por la ideología y otras a causa de la actividad sindical. En las mismas líneas, el IWW realiza dos tareas principales. Primero, ayuda a trabajadores a organizarse para resolver problemas que tengan en el trabajo. Segundo, transforma a las personas. El IWW mejora las condiciones de trabajo y necesariamente radicaliza a sus simpatizantes mediante la acción colectiva y el debate. Gracias a ello los miembros ganan habilidades prácticas y confianza para realizar su tarea. Otra forma de llamar a este par de principios es: construcción de poder industrial y construcción de organizadores.

Necesitamos espacio para estos dos principios. Nuestra organización debe radicalizar a los trabajadores y también debe conseguir que personas que se sientan radicales sean más efectivos en su lucha contra los jefes y los capitalistas.

En la práctica estos principios están grandemente relacionados. Por ejemplo, la campaña de los almacenes de comida en Nueva York fue puesta en marcha gracias al duro trabajo y la dedicación de un puñado de miembros del IWW. El peso de mantener y desarrollar la unión cae sobre los hombres de un pequeño porcentaje de miembros. En este aspecto opino somos parecidos a la mayoría de uniones. Construimos poder industrial mediante organizadores. Estos principios trabajan juntos.

Si bien es cierto que estos principios se sobreponen, a veces puede resultar beneficioso pensar en ellos de manera individual. Esto nos da dos formas diferentes para evaluar éxitos y establecer prioridades. Digamos que logramos conseguir estupendos contratos para 100 persones en una tienda pero no conseguimos despertar conciencia de clase en ningún miembro de esa tienda. Ahora tomemos por ejemplo que perdemos en otra campaña pero cinco personas que ya eran miembros del IWW se convierten en mejores organizadores y otros cinco nuevos se suman a la unión. La primera situación es más atractiva en caso de que nuestra prioridad sea poder industrial. La segunda resulta mejor si nuestra prioridad es desarrollar organizadores.

Personalmente pienso que si alguien se preocupa solamente por un principio o el otro entonces el IWW puede ser el grupo equivocado para ellos, dependiendo en que industria en la que trabajen y que papel quieran desempeñar. Si alguien quiere organizar y solamente se centra en crear poder industrial, en la mayoría de los casos otras uniones logran un mejor trabajo en esa tarea. Si algún miembro quiere organizarse de forma en la cual todo esté destinado a desarrollar conciencia de clase, creo que existen grupos que lo hacen mejor que nosotros. El IWW, sin embargo, es una de las pocas uniones que lograr un balance en los dos aspectos.

Es cierto que estos dos principios son importantes, mi opinión personal es que en estos momentos el IWW debe priorizar en el desarrollo de organizadores. Esto no significa negar la importancia que significa el poder industrial ya que solo podemos desarrollar organizadores apuntando a la creación de poder industrial. Pero la realidad es que el IWW depende demasiado en miembros que se unieron con valores y habilidades ya desarrolladas. Necesitamos mejorar en la creación de organizadores, incrementar sus habilidades con el tiempo y mantenerlos. Esto es clave para construir el Gran Sindicato y finalmente eliminar el sistema de salarios.

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Full page--Sacco and Vanzetti--July 2, 1927--p.1.1200w

Remember the life and death of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti!

Sunday, August 23, 2015.

March and Rally

2PM – Gather at the Boston Common Visitor Center
3PM – March to the North End
4PM – Rally at the Paul Revere Mall

Music and speakers.

This year we will have the presence of the Boston Salvadoran Peace Band, a 45-people ensemble, that with their performance will address the immigration persecution aspect of this case. As the date gets near we will inform about speakers and other musicians who will participate.

Co-sponsored by the Black Rose, Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society, IWW, Encuentro5.


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New Anarcho-Syndicalist Review out now!


Anarcho-Syndicalist Review
64/5 Summer 2015

3. Editorial: Trans-Pacific Partnership
4. Wobbles: Outbreak of Bi-Partisanship, Profiteering off Health Care “Reform,” Announcements
5. International News: Bulgarian Syndicalists, Solidarity with Amazon Temps; Green/Rail Alliance, Fighting Wage Theft… compiled by Michael Hargis
9. Polish hospital workers win… by John Kalwaic
10. Articles: Anarchy in Athens by Nicholas Apoifis
13. (barely) Staying Alive: The US Economy Since the ’70s (50 Years of Economic Crisis) by Jon Bekken
17. From Capitalism To Commons by Brian Martin
21. Symposium: The U.S. Government’s War Against the IWW Review and commentary by Staughton Lynd (21), Peter Cole (23), Gerald Ronning (25) and Steve Kellerman (27). Response by Eric Chester (29).
33. Kropotkin: Class Warrior by Iain McKay
36. The Action of the Masses & the Individual P. Kropotin
38. Climate Change: “Only Mass Social Movements Can Save Us Now” Review essay by Wayne Price
40. Canada’s New Anti-Terrorism Act and the “Green Syndicalist Menace” by Jeff Shantz
42. Democracy At Work Review essay by Iain McKay
50. Reviews: Lessons of the Spanish Civil War Jeff Stein
52. The Great Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912review by Steve Kellerman
53. Syndicalism in a Neo-Liberal Climate by Mark McGuire
55. Two Cheers For Anarchism reviewby Iain McKay
58. Celebrating a Frame-Up review by Robert Helms
58. The Legacy of Chinese Anarchism review by Jing Zhao

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Workers, Students and Community Members Rally for Patricia, Nassim & Paul

On a scorching July 30, IWW members, the Student Labor Action Movement, and allies protested discrimination against Harvard workers Patricia, Nassim and Paul. Nassim was forced to pick between being laid off or demoted three salary grades, after standing up to a racist boss and defending co-workers (including one who was sexually harassed). Paul was laid off after 30+ years of work by a manager who saw him as disabled, just weeks after he returned to work following hip replacement surgery. Patricia returned from a disability leave to her job in Harvard Planning and Project Management, and was immediately put on a “performance management plan.” Soon Patricia was slapped with a verbal warning. Recently she was threatened in writing with being fired. The only African American member of her unit, Patricia faces special scrutiny and hyper-supervision, while white colleagues enjoy flexibility and autonomy. Supporters handed out hundreds of flyers and were photographed repeatedly by curious passers-by, many of whom took leaflets exposing Harvard’s discriminatory employment policies. We’ll continue to keep up the pressure until Patricia, Nassim and Paul get justice! Participants in the action included members of Socialist Alternative, SEIU and Veterans for Peace. All photos by FW Genevieve.














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Friends of the workers’ movement gathered on July 26 to celebrate IWW member Jason’s being found NOT GUILTY of all trumped-up charges. After Cambridge and Harvard cops attacked an IWW picket in November ’13, Jason was falsely charged with offenses including assaulting a cop. A jury took only a few minutes to determine he was innocent. The cops are now exposed to liability for excessive force and denying Jason’s Constitutional rights! Wobblies and pals enjoyed a fabulous performance from Boston’s own Jake and the Infernal Machine. The after-party was rumored to stretch long into the wee hours…



Amazing cake lampooning the cops’ account of Jason as a Hulk-like Anarchist cross-checking them with his black and red flag and defying mulitiple attempts to restrain him! Confection by FW Genevieve
















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FW Jason Not Guilty on All Charges! Party on 7/25!

Jason and some of his supporters on Day 1 of his Trial. Photo by FW Genevieve Lechat.

On Tuesday July 21, IWW member Jason was cleared of all the phony charges dating from an arrest in November 2013. Jason was falsely charged with assaulting a cop, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after Cambridge and Harvard Police attacked an IWW picket at Insomnia Cookies. Workers at Insomnia went on strike in August 2013 over below minimum wage pay and illegal denial of breaks. Their demands included $15/hr, health care, and a union. The strike was later settled with strikers receiving back pay and offers of re-employment.

At Jason’s trial, the jury just took a few moments to render a verdict of “Not Guilty” on all three charges. Cambridge cops were said to be incredibly unconvincing in their testimony, with a total inability to recall anything other than an obviously rehearsed & concocted lie about what happened to Jason. The Cambridge and Harvard cops’ efforts to whitewash their attack on a legal picket were revealed to be a complete fabrication. The cops have now exposed their respective departments to potential liability over excessive force and denial of Jason’s rights.

IWW’s and friends will celebrate Jason’s total vindication at a party on Saturday 7/25, starting at 6pm, at encuentro 5, 9A Hamilton Place Boston (Park Street T). All friends of the workers’ movement are invited. Cops and bosses may not attend.

The Boston IWW’s General Defense Committee (GDC) Local 13 organized court support for all Jason’s hearings and Trial, and raised thousands of dollars for his legal defense and living expenses.

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