Insomnia Cookies Brings Police Assault Down on Legal Picket

Last night the Cambridge Police swarmed a totally legal picket of Insomnia Cookies, demanded we shut down our PA (which we did), then attacked, punched, bloodied, threw on the trunk of a car, threw on the ground and dragged away IWW member Jason Freedman who has been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assaulting a cop. Jason sustained injuries to his back and arm. This was a completely unjustified attack on Jason, on civil liberties, labor rights and free speech. It was provoked (and lent legitimacy in the eyes of the cops) by a false report from the company that picketers were obstructing the sidewalk in front of the store. Feel free to register protests with Henrietta Davis, Mayor of Cambridge, at brutality 1 police brutality 2

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9 Responses to Insomnia Cookies Brings Police Assault Down on Legal Picket

  1. *Bear Shannon* says:

    I wish I were surprised. The police work for the capitalist elite.

    Peace ~ Bear

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  3. Peter Sirois says:

    The police state is not coming……it is here!

  4. Charlene Leona Marks says:

    Well at least we know who the real terrorist are!

  5. djr013 says:

    All Cops Are Scabs

  6. Mark says:

    Some things never seem to change……..unless we change them . Solidarity is the key.

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  8. Alaina says:

    Was there a permit required and if so was it issued ? Was the city aware ahead of time about the picket ? Did the police make any attempt to converse peacefully and respectfully with the organizers or other picket folk ? Or were they surly and provocative ? Did the young man who was attacked do or say anything that would have provoked such an unreasonable response? Think it’s customary for officers to make sure that the sidewalk has an area where people can walk and not be forced onto the street-safety issue. Have started a letter to the mayor and since I wasn’t there need some objective information.
    I suspect tensions were high on all sides. Sometimes young officers can be quite immature and belligerent due to lack of confidence and poor training. Sometimes there are wrong perceptions and misinformation that can ignite extreme police reactions, i.e Henry Gates trying to get into his own home in Cambridge, which became a National racist issue.
    I remeber Occupy Boston and never saw of heard of any police officer acting unreasonably. The Occupy Community was amazing, and they did their best with issues that arose. Very impressive. Unions need to be strengthened and communication is essential.
    Police need to see people on a picket line as community members with legitimate grievances and those who picket need to see police as members of a community-your brother or sister could be either an officer or on a picket line. But we are human and tend to demonize one another. Has the young man who was attacked been released ?
    Stand tall with dignity and solidarity.

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