620/560 – Education, Communication, and Technology Industrial Organizing Committee

The Education, Communication, and Technology (620/560) IOC consists ofmembers in Educational Workers IU 620, and Communications, Telecommunications, and Computer Workers IU 560.

We work in schools, in day care and learning centers, and on campuses. We work in IT centers, in universities and offices. We teach. We fix equipment. We cook. We provide support. We order and shelve books. We clean. We research. We tutor. We file and type. We keep computers running smoothly. We do what needs to be done to bring education to the world. We keep technology running smoothly. We provide information to the world.  We are in the same union.

Currently, we are building local Industrial Union Branches, participating in rank and file activity in business unions, and forming unions. We are organizing to improve our working conditions, and students’ learning conditions, today, and building the sort of union power that can bring about a better world.

Or visit the national 620 IOC face book page at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=677499237#!/groups/295881785244/

Fellow Workers  Noam Chomsky and Sam Christiansen speaking about education at the Occupy Boston Student Summit at Harvard University in February 2012

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