IWW Organizing Summit 2013

organize-fish1The IWW Boston General Membership Branch is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 2013 IWW Organizing Summit in Boston, Massachusetts on February 8-10th 2013.

Register Now!

The Organizing Summit is a time for active and/or experienced IWW organizers representing the full diversity of the IWW to come together every two years to share their experiences, lessons learned, and to figure out ways to advance our organizing. All attendees are expected to have gone through an Organizing Training 101 and pay a $25 registration fee to cover food costs. Approximately 100 Wobblies from around the world are expected to attend. Free housing and childcare will be provided for those who request it.

To create the best organizing summit possible, we need your help with fundraising! We are trying to get 200 people to donate $25 for travel scholarships, and each $25 donation will get you the chance of winning one of 5 books written and signed by FW Noam Chomsky who lives near Boston and will be participating in the Summit.

Donate online at https://www.wepay.com/donations/organizing-summit-2013 or send a check to Industrial Workers of the World General Headquarters, PO Box 180195, Chicago, IL 60618, USA.

For more information and to Pre-Register for the 2013 IWW Organizing Summit, click here.

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